Dear Vogue: Style and Culture from an African Perspective

Dear Vogue: Style and Culture from an African Perspective

Hello, My Name is Isioma and I love Vogue Magazine. I am on a one-woman crusade to become a Vogue contributor and so welcome to my column entitled Dear Vogue; Style and Culture from an African Perspective. There are many reasons why I love Vogue. Of course the fashion they portray are bold and sophisticated, but the platform can use a little bit of diversity from time to time, hence my crusade.


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Liya Kebede for HM

Liya Kebede for HM

Liya-Kebede-hm-3 Liya-Kebede-hm-2 Liya-Kebede-hmHer smile in my opinion is priceless and these gorgeous images of Ethiopian Model Liya Kebede for HM is the epitome of African beauty. She makes us look good time and time again and these pictures of her are simply exquisite. Honestly, I love HM, but I really dont care for these clothes she is wearing, it is her presence that matters and she shines forth in these images. How is she even a…

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Paris Style Must Haves

Paris Style Must Haves

Parisian-Style-Must-HavesI don’t think there is a Naija girl that constantly obsesses over Paris more than me and I have good reasons to. I was paid to lived there, albeit for 2 years, and my work sans the people was meaningless, but I loved the people and all things Parisian chic. I remember my first day at work and even what I wore (me and my bergdoff jacket and coach shoes walking down septieme, like a true style…

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My Wish List: Chloé Baylee Mini Tote

My Wish List: Chloé Baylee Mini Tote

Baylee mini tote Baylee mini tote-2Hello September, Hello Followers where ever you may be. It has been a very long summer and pardon my absence. I would like to start this month off with my wish list, and given my obsession with luxury bags, this ChloéBaylee Mini Tote in my favorite color for Fall speaks volumes to my soul. A disclaimer, my wishlist is never about going out to purchase, but instead, it is about appreciating…

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Black is Beautiful
Greek Tunic

There is one country I would love to visit, if not for anything, but for it’s beautiful tunics and clear blue water.

Greek Tunic

There is one country I would love to visit, if not for anything, but for it’s beautiful tunics and clear blue water.

Meet Nigeria: Africa’s Most Populous Country

Meet Nigeria: Africa’s Most Populous Country

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will only glorify the hunter” argues the Late Professor Chinua Achebe.

Nigeria is the most misunderstood country. This misunderstanding has gained more prominence in the wake of the Ebola virus outbreak.
On August 5th, 2014, CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front ran a story on the Ebola Outbreak and labeled the country “Niger” as “Nige…

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For Fela’s ‘African Woman”

For Fela’s ‘African Woman”

For Fela's 'African Woman"

For Fela’s ‘African Woman” by isiomastylereport featuring bow shoes

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When Fashion Is Taken Seriously; A Manifesto

When Fashion Is Taken Seriously; A Manifesto

I am on a journey. I don’t know the destination, but I like the journey so far. In my quest to discover the intellectual (or grown up) side of fashion and style, I came across a manifesto from Vestoj (a journal of sartorial matters) that I thought I should share.
The manifesto (see below) reflects my deep feelings on fashion and style today. More so, it’s a reflection on why I think fashion should…

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On Intellectual Fashion and Style

On Intellectual Fashion and Style

In this world of fashion and style, why is the same not boring? Where are the intellectual people of fashion? Why do all some sites (which have been deemed influential) continue to treat its readers like we are all shallow, omg people, who by the way, do not deserve any intelligent conversation on style, fashion or even the latest on beauty without sounding like their audience are merely “chicks”…

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